My name is Charles Makoto Wang (mutlicultural name and I speak fluent Japanese!) and I am currently attending to Cornell University as a Master of Engineering student from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department focusing on Computer Vision. Before attending to Cornell, I graduated from UCLA. My interests are web application including front-end and back-end, mobile app development (waiting for my Nexus 5 to arrive for Android development!), computer vision, and desktop application. I'm always into designing things simple! During my free time, I take pictures with my Nikon, watch movies, play Counter-Strike Source, and more! My favorite place to visit is Kyoto (very beautiful city). Even though I don't have any relatives in Kyoto (I do have in Hiroshima and Tokyo), I go there mostly every year for sightseeing. I really want to go there during Fall! My favorite food is ramen and tsukemen! Sadly, Ithaca (Cornell) does not have tsukemen, but I'm working on making my own tsukemen! Anyways, feel free to contact me!